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When Is the Right Time to Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

admin March 12, 2021 0 Comments

As a homeowner, you can’t help but constantly nitpick your house and find endless improvements you want to do—you think your living room requires a makeover, your garden needs landscaping, and your bedrooms will look good with fresh paint.

If only you had all the time and money in the world, you’d gladly initiate each of the changes. When it comes to your kitchen cabinets, since they hold a significant amount of space in your kitchen, you want them always to look their best to continue complementing the whole area.

But when the time comes for the improvement, you may want to consider going for repainting instead of replacing them altogether. It’s a home improvement hack that never disappoints owners because it’s a cost-efficient way to make your cabinets look good as new without breaking the bank!

Keep reading below to find out when is the perfect time to renovate your kitchen cabinets.

The Paint Is Peeling Off

At the first sign of trouble, which usually comes in the form of peeling or flaking paint, it could indicate the wrong application or due to environmental conditions. Paint often peels because of the quality of paint you used or the exposure to too much moisture. Whatever the case may be, it’s displeasing to have to walk into your kitchen and have your focus fall on your damaged cabinets. The best thing to do is call a home painter to restore your cabinets accordingly.

The Paint Is Forming Blisters

Another obvious sign that you should repaint your kitchen cabinets is seeing the formation of blisters under their paint film. Bubbling paint is a common mistake that requires you to remove the previous paint of your cabinets before you can apply a fresh new coat of paint over them.

Paint blistering happens when the paint is set over a wet surface or an area of your kitchen cabinet that has excessive moisture content. It could also be due to the application of poor-quality paint because of budget constraints.

The Paint Is Slowly Fading

Kitchen cabinets tend to experience fading paint because of the numerous years that have passed without you cleaning and maintaining them. When you continue to utilize your cabinets despite their fading surface, they will tend to stand out in your kitchen and ruin your interior design.

Unfortunately, using low-quality paint offers limited results because they contain less concentration of colouring pigments and binders. As such, you should reach out to professional painters to refinish your kitchen cabinets and make sure to use high-quality paint to guarantee the finished outcome won’t fade too soon.

The Paint Makes Your Kitchen Look Old

Due to their apparent size, worn-out cabinets can end up ruining your kitchen space and affecting your mood every time you walk into the room to prepare a meal or grab a snack. Purchasing modern appliances and the latest countertops will be useless if your cabinets remain looking the same.

That’s why choosing to refinish your kitchen cabinets is a great idea because it allows your entire space to produce a cohesive look, with all your furnishings and appliances going together. If the damage on your cabinets surpasses paint issues, you could opt to replace their doors and choose a more modern look to truly update your kitchen.


As time goes by, when you notice your kitchen cabinets are starting to appear unpleasant, it may be time to make some changes. Outdated cabinets can significantly impact your entire kitchen and prevent you from achieving a comfortable and homey space. If you want to continue benefiting from your old cabinets, you should hire professionals offering painting services to refinish them properly.

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