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3 Common Sources of Drywall Damage – What to Know

admin February 4, 2021 0 Comments

In any kind of home, even the smallest of details can make a world of difference in the overall look, feel, flow, and function of the whole property.

From furniture layouts and wallpaper choices to full-scale remodels and top-quality fixtures and finishings, even the smallest of details can make a world of difference in how well you get to enjoy your home.

Among the different parts of a property, one of the most influential factors is the set of drywall in place. 

In all sorts of Canadian homes, drywall establishes itself as a pivotal one in the everyday interactions of homeowners and the way the property itself looks. Unless you live in an antiquated, full-wood house that was built in the heyday of gold prospecting, you’ll quickly realize that much of your home’s sidings are constructed through the use of drywall.

Common Causes

After years of use and enjoyable experiences, you’ll quickly learn to foster a strong appreciation for drywalls. However, a quick look at everything will reveal that your walls aren’t necessarily in the best shape they’ve ever been because of all the years of use and enjoyment that come into play.

However, this also brings up a question: why does drywall end up getting damaged, in the first place?

Well, here’s an extensive list of different common causes to watch out for: 

Cause #1: Furniture Scuffs

Aside from full-on force damage, scuff marks from your home’s furniture, which are attained with either negligence or age, are another form of drywall damage you may find quickly above all else.

With the appearance of a pencil or marker stain, you may mistake these visual indicators or problems with something more serious because of how drastic they can seem. Fortunately, you can avoid having scuffs in your drywall by carefully moving items around in your house and not placing bigger furniture too close to the wall.

Cause #2: Popping Nails

Another common cause of drywall damage is the presence of popping nails in surrounding areas of the walls, causing a whole lot of problems in both the looks and function departments. Such damages happen in the first place because of unsecured joists or studs that aren’t held together.

Cause #3: Water Damage

Seen as one of the most common causes of damaged drywall thus far, water damage is easily identifiable by the presence of broken lines in the wall. When it comes to understanding the repercussions of this problem, however, people forget that it can be one of the most problematic, costly, and destructive effects that may see the disintegration of a wall inside-out!


As the clear foundation of any home’s look, feel, and functionality, drywalls serve a rather vital role in the functional and aesthetic side of things. However, it also pays to know as much as you need to about the potential factors that can damage these walls so that you can prevent such issues from taking over and compromising your interiors’ look and feel!

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