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5 Differences Between Residential and Commercial Painting

admin December 7, 2020 0 Comments

Edmonton is a beautiful place to live in, and many areas are starting to become more populated by younger generations. With a city that is booming with new residents who have chosen life in a simpler location over busier districts, establishments have to fill the growth needs. With residential and commercial painting, any previously dull and lifeless space can be turned into something chic and upbeat.

Aesthetics is the game of today’s world, and many people have reached out to exterior painters in Edmonton to breathe life into the local scene. With vibrant colours and various tones and tints playing into what makes a home or establishment beautiful, it is essential to pay attention to their differences. Here is a list of things that Edmonton painting services provide differently for each kind of structure at hand:

– It Boils Down to Size

Residential projects are often less demanding than commercial painting projects, as homes are very rarely complicated. Edmonton is an area with prominent homeownership, which means that various houses are being built. A residential property typically requires walls, trims, decks, and fences to be painted, while commercial properties will need more work done to meet the sizes of establishments.

– Various Elements Involved

Residential painting jobs can often involve plenty of small interior design work, such as kitchen cabinet refinishing and other interior painting jobs. They also work on rooms and other spaces inside the house that need professional painters to make things look top-quality.

Commercial painting services will often have various jobs done asides from the exterior of a building. They might require painting for parking spaces and different priming work to ensure that the many materials used in commercial establishments will have a quality finish when completed. Other services can even include epoxy coatings to ensure longevity or crazy painting jobs to align with the business’s mission and vision.

– Equipment Varies

Home painters in Edmonton can do their jobs quickly for homes that are two floors, as they can accomplish these with ladders and long brushes. Most common building materials used in Canada have good adherence with paints, making using all kinds of all-weather products a possibility. Commercial painters in Edmonton might require cranes and other safety harnesses to paint large facades and taller areas of the building. Additionally, they might require different tools to make surfaces ready to take on paints and other extra coats to ensure that no painting jobs need to be followed up too often.

– Project Management Changes

In residential areas, painting a house is much easier because of the size of modern homes. These can be done quicker and with a smaller team of professional painters with much safer conditions. However, things change when it comes to project management for commercial establishments, as the equipment, logistics, timeframe, and other safety requirements change. More work is to be done for commercial painting, which means that it is naturally more complicated and will cost more.

– Risks Involved Can Be Greater

Residential properties do not require too many safety precautions, as painting a small home is easy and can even be done via DIY methods. However, painting a commercial establishment with higher structures can be dangerous and cause fatalities when things go wrong. Doing plenty of disaster risk prevention and proper planning can prevent damages and loss of life.


Painting a home and a commercial establishment are two whole different ball games. With these five differences painting a clear picture of what makes these challenging to do, having this aesthetic improvement job done isn’t cheap for a reason. Finding the right company to do professional painting will spell the difference between quality and a disaster.

iPaint Painting offers the services of professional painters in Edmonton, Alberta. We deal with both exterior and interior jobs for residential and commercial projects, and we do so with the best quality possible. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in your next project!

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