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5 Colorful Tips for Painting Ceilings and High Walls – Our Guide

admin December 11, 2020 0 Comments

Color matters more in your home than meets the eye. It’s an aesthetic feature that can set the space’s tone – from the mood and even how spacious the room feels. Homeowners looking to give their property a fresh upgrade without going through hoops for a full remodeling project can transform the look and feel with just a new paint job. 

If you plan on taking up the paintbrush yourself, keep in mind that giving your home a new color is not as straightforward as it seems. Painting ceilings and high walls, for example, can be tricky to get right, so consider the following tips if you want to simplify the experience: 

Tip #1: Remove Clutter and Prep the Room

Before anything else, the first thing you need to do is ensure the room is a blank canvas by removing unnecessary clutter and covering up the furnishing, floors, and other surfaces that you don’t want to get paint on. 

Removing paint droplets from tables, chairs, flooring, and rugs can be a major hassle, so taking the time to protect the room from potential spills and splatters should get you started in the right direction. 

Tip #2: Use the Appropriate Tools and Equipment

Painting high walls and ceilings require more than a paintbrush, so be sure to invest in the right tools that can get the job done. On top of having a long-handled roller, you may also need a ladder to reach tall heights and awkward corners. 

If the room is large with ceilings higher than your standard size, you may need scaffolding, which can be tricky to acquire on your own. In this case, it’s better to let professional home painters take over the weekend project. 

Tip #3: Consider the Right Paint for High Ceilings

In addition to choosing the right tools and specialized equipment, painting ceilings will also require different paint than walls. There are specific formulas for ceilings since it can look darker than intended, so consider what type of paint you want by focusing on its impact on the room. 

For example, matte ceiling paint is a perennial favorite since it offers higher reflection, which can make the room look brighter. 

The Bottom Line: Enhancing your Home Decor with the Right Paint Job

Painting high walls and ceilings is a complex job that is often better done under professional home painters’ hands. Colorful walls or ceilings can make a dramatic difference in your home’s overall appearance and mood, so don’t take its quality for granted. 

Expert painters can take the hassle out of the process, allowing you to go for an affordable fix-me-upper that can boost your home’s value. 

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