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Our Ultimate Colour Wheel Crash Course – Understanding Hues

You’ll always have to deal with colours when you’re designing the interiors and exterior of your home. A great way to help you understand colours and complement the hues is by utilizing a colour wheel. But this can be quite overwhelming, right? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Understanding colours is more complicated than just leaning into hues that you like. It’s all about knowing how to create a mood and energy with the colours you choose. Thankfully, local painting contractors like iPaint Painting can help you find the perfect shade you’re looking for and even do the painting job to get the desired results you want.

If you’re struggling with choosing paint for your home, keep reading. This article is our ultimate colour wheel crash course that will help you understand hues and utilize the colour wheel. Let’s get to it!

Colour Wheel: What and How to Use It, and Understanding Colour Temperatures

Before choosing a colour, you need to understand its properties and which colours complement each other. To help you with that, all you’ll need is a colour wheel. The colour wheel will help you create colour schemes for your home by choosing the right shade, complementary colours, saturation, and temperature, which is warm or cool.

Thankfully, expert interior designers and local painting contractors have gained enough experience to understand colours and hues and how to utilize the colour wheel, helping you choose the right colour and palette for your home project.

Example of Colour Wheel Colour Schemes

– Monochromatic

If you’re opting for one colour for a room, don’t stick to just one shade; instead, choose various hues of that colour to add dimension to the room. When you play with lightness and saturation variations, you’ll get a crisp and cleaner design.

– Complementary

Some people might think incorporating complementary colours can be too much for the eyes. However, blending complementary colours can still give you the right balance of vibrance and playfulness.

Complementary colours are opposite to each other in the colour wheel, so you can play with this colour scheme using one colour as the base and the other as an accent colour.

– Analogous

When you want to use three colours in a room, you’ll create an analogous colour scheme. These colours are adjacent to each other in the colour wheel, giving your space a more harmonious and relaxing mood. Play around with this by choosing one dominant colour while using the other two as accent colours.

Lightness, Saturation, and Temperature

When describing a colour, there are three things you need to consider: its saturation, lightness, and temperature.

Saturation describes the intensity of the colour. So if the colour is at 100% saturation, that is the most intense version of the colour, and as its saturation decreases, the grayer it gets.

As for lightness, you talk about the degree of black and lightness mixed into the colour. So when there’s more white, the lighter the colour gets, and when there’s more black, the deeper the colour.

Temperature refers to how warm or cool a colour is. Warm colours include red, orange, yellow and cool colours include green, blue, violet.

Finally, colour temperatures tell you whether a colour is warm or cool. When you look at the colour wheel, you’ll notice that it’s divided into two parts: cool colours and warm colours. Warm colours have the colours red through yellow-green, and as for cool colours, you’ll find green and run through red-violet. Since our eyes and brains see different wavelengths of colours, warm colours advance, while cool colours recede.

With all of these considered, the goal is to create a harmonious palette that will bring vibrance and harmony into your home.


Now that you know the basics of colours and have an idea of how to use a colour wheel, choosing the right hues and shades for your home has gotten much easier. Thankfully, with the help of an expert team of local painting contractors, such as iPaint Painting, you’ll be able to incorporate the colours you want in your home with finesse and thoughtfulness, giving your rooms more life, light, and harmony.

iPaint Painting is a superior painting contractor that provides professional interior and exterior painting services for residential and commercial projects in Edmonton. So if you’re looking for local painting contractors, check out our services today!

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Securing Your Assets – The Value of Repainting Your Warehouse

Operating a warehouse is essential for numerous sectors, from construction to industrial establishments. The benefit of having a leased space to haul, organize, and store their equipment is a valuable asset to have in handling large quantities of products. Although some facilities will be away from the public’s view, it’s still necessary to keep composed appearances. Painting your warehouse facilities provides numerous benefits beyond increasing the visual appeal of your property.

Understanding the Value of Painting Your Warehouse

Handling these locations isn’t as simple as it looks. Although the space you own can seem safe, it’s necessary to go through several steps. You’ll need to relocate your goods or cover up your heavy machinery to avoid splattered paint from landing on their surfaces. 

For your flooring, you’ll need to apply sheets of plastic to prevent spills and stains from permeating through it. Lastly, you’ll also have to close off a few workdays to give way for contractors to apply and coat the paint, which can be toxic to inhale after its fresh application. 

Although these steps may sound like a hassle, these are all necessary to ensure the prolonged value of repainting your warehouse.

If you’re planning to give your warehouse a new coat of paint, here are three benefits you’ll receive:

1) Keeps Your Facilities Safe

The goal of any painting treatment for commercial buildings is to reinforce its structures’ surfaces against physical and chemical damage. Coating your walls and roofs prevent deterioration from weathering and the development of cracks, which can turn into more severe issues when left unattended.

Besides protection against the elements, proper repainting can keep your facilities safe from potential health hazards. Mould on uncoated walls can pose as health hazards to any occupants going to and coming from your warehouse. By applying waterproof paint, you prevent mould spores from growing in deep recesses in your warehouse.

2) Makes Your Facilities Easy to Clean

Another advantage of giving your warehouse a fresh coat of paint is the accessibility of allowing your workers to execute better maintenance protocols. Since they’re working with a new and tidy location, it will be much easier to detect damages and repairs moving forward. Additionally, your paint job can also indicate specific danger zones and traffic areas for the designation of loading and unloading routes.

3) Updates Your Warehouse’s Look

Appearances play a crucial role in how your business will run on a practical and psychological level. For example, unkempt business establishments are more prone to attract criminal activity if it displays a lack of security and aesthetic installations. This is why it’s unlikely for clean and well-guarded facilities to be targets for break-ins.

Keeping your warehouse facility clean isn’t just to ward off criminals; it’s also for attracting clients. If you’re in the industrial sector, you need to ensure that your warehouse structures provide a practical and aesthetic appeal to guests and clients. How well you maintain your workspaces is crucial for investors to view your company’s viability as a profitable investment.


Commercial and industrial building owners need to know the appropriate timing to apply these changes with the right products. For example, the mistake of using lead-based paint can lead to contamination of goods and general health issues to occupants in your warehouse facility. This is why it’s best to hire commercial painting experts to assist you in repainting your warehouse.

At iPaint Painting, we provide a thorough and professional execution of interior and exterior painting services for your building’s needs. If your business needs to collaborate with commercial painting contractors in Edmonton, contact us today!

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Color Me Curious – Brushing up on the Impact of Colors in Business

There’s a reason why all “stop” signs are red, and why people feel at peace when surrounded by verdant landscapes and clear, blue skies. Color has a powerful effect on the human psyche, which is why it’s an important design element in business since the right hue has the potential to evoke the desired emotional reaction to an advert.

Colors can be a compelling tool that makes or mar the effectiveness of your branding efforts and even work culture. One glance is all it takes for your target market to make a conclusion of your business, whether it’s the mood in the office or how a consumer responds to your products.

Brushing Up on the Basics of Color Psychology

There are categories in the color wheel that people often link to specific emotions. Of course, different cultures will change this perception, but it’s more or less safe to apply it to the general public. Here’s what you should know:

1) Warm Colors

Some may associate warm colors with anger, but most would find hues like red, yellow, and orange visually exciting. It’s one of the strongest and most eye-catching colors that can spark passion, warmth, and thrill, integrating a sense of zealous energy in the design.

When it comes to food, fast-food giants like McDonald’s use red to reignite their market’s appetite. Meanwhile, painting your interior office space with fiery hues can give it a warm, welcoming, and energetic vibe.

2) Cold Colors

On the opposite end of the spectrum, cool colors like blue, purple, and green promote a sense of calm, trustworthiness, and reliability. That’s why you would often see blue in the banking sector, while many hospitals refer to green since it is often associated with recovery, life, growth, and nature.

The Bottom Line: Understanding How Color Influences Brand Perception in Business

The color scheme a company uses will encompass its identity and influence the impact of its marketing efforts in more ways than one. Different hues affect the human psyche more than meets the eye, especially when it comes to setting a strong first impression.

Keep in mind that while blue inspires trustworthiness and reliability in the medical market, different cultures may also change the emotions associated with these colors. That’s why studying your target audience is the best way to make the most of your brand’s potential – whether it’s the office, marketing, and more.

Why Choose Our Commercial Painters for your Office Painting?

If you’re looking to boost your workplace culture and paint your business in a positive light, we’re the best painting company in Edmonton that can get the job done. We offer exterior and interior painting, so get in touch with us at (587) 805-0102 and see what we can do to enhance your space and branding.

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Be More Productive With Specific Interior Paint Colours

Any of the commercial painting contractors who genuinely have an awareness of what they’re doing would know that colour is oh-so-important. It may seem like a mere question of beautifying the walls of a home for them to make a good impression, but it is much more than that. The colours you choose will have a direct effect on how you experience the space, as well as everyone that enters.

Color Yourself Productive

It has long been proven that there are certain colours that will lead employees to be more productive in the workplace; in contrast, there are colours that will decrease productivity. There are specific colours that can offer a subtle feel yet still carry a lot of power in terms of their impact on your emotions throughout the day.

On the other hand, there are existing colours that can cause anxiety or bring a feeling of being overwhelmed. In that case, colours do affect a person’s productivity at work. 

Colours that are able to evoke feelings of calm while encouraging focus on relaxation will allow for an easier time during work. When the place of business is aesthetically pleasing, then your employees and even you will have a much more positive attitude as you arrive every day. In turn, you will then feel much more motivated, and any projects you have can be accomplished with far less procrastination.

There are a few specific paint colours that can boost productivity.


Calm focus is connected to the colour blue. It is popular in many offices, given the way it turns environments calm, which leads people to maintain their focus and think more clearly over long periods. Workplaces are often stressful, so having a relaxing hue surrounding employees can boost not only their productivity but their overall mood as well. When this colour is in play, you can expect high-quality and well-thought-out work. 


Balance is best shown off when the colour green is at work. There are also strong nuances of assurance and calmness. Moreover, it is the colour of money, which means it’s probably best to have commercial painting done in this colour for whichever part of your office hosts the sales team. 


Need to feel energized? Go with shades of red! A strong sense of drive and urgency is key here. If you have an environment that requires a high amount of energy and daily output, this is the colour for you. 


Colour is incredibly important for several reasons. It is no surprise that it is able to help greatly in the workplace when used correctly. Aside from the shade, the paint colour’s intensity is also something to consider when choosing colours to use for your walls and ceilings. Make sure to work with painting professionals who can help you make the best choices for your workplace’s interiors.

Looking for professional painters that can help you out? Reach out to iPaint Painting! We offer professional interior and exterior painting services for both residential and commercial projects in Edmonton.

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4 Tips for Choosing the Most Strategic Paint Colours for Your Business

Designing your business is a crucial part of connecting your customers and convincing them to engage with you. Colours evoke specific emotions in people and cause them to associate different shades with particular things to use to your advantage. However, figuring this all out can be overwhelming and daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start.

Whether you’re painting your break room or your exterior, you’ll need to think about the effects of a particular colour on your employees, visitors, and clients. They influence behaviour more than people realize, making them a powerful tool when wielded properly. Here are four tips to keep in mind when choosing the most strategic paint colours for your business:

– Consider Your Demographic

Paint colours immediately affect the people who’ll be seeing them, so you must first think about your business demographics. These include your employees, who’ll be surrounded by these colours every day. Your clients are also important because they will be visiting and deciding whether to purchase from you or not. Ultimately, colours can affect how they feel about your business, so it’s essential to choose them wisely. You’ll also want to choose colours that represent your brand, industry, and product.

Medical centers and spas often use colours that evoke calmness and tranquillity in their visitors; meanwhile, marketing agencies use creative splashes of colour that reflect their innovative approaches. As such, figuring out who’ll be visiting your business most often will help you select colours that will make them feel most comfortable.

– Be Consistent and Identifiable

You probably have a set colour scheme for your business that your customers use to associate with you, so your paint choices must reflect that. However, if you’re in the process of rebranding, you’ll need to settle on a colour scheme and stick with it for consistency. Doing so makes your business easily identifiable, allowing your clients to locate you faster. When your business cards, signage, and premises use the same colours and style, it’s easier for you to build brand recognition, helping you grow your business faster.

– Factor in Your Surroundings

Another tip to keep in mind is to consider your business’s surroundings. If you’re located in a historic district, you’ll need to consult the city to find any restrictions on paint colours. You’ll also want to think about the buildings around you and their colours, as the shade you choose may make you stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the area’s aesthetics. It’s also something your local painting contractors need to know to stay compliant.

If you’re smack dab in a strip mall or retail space, then bright colours are your best bet to attract your target audience to come and visit you. However, if you’re in an office park, neutral tones will work best.

– Think About Your Industry

Businesses in the food and beverage industry often use red and yellow colours since people tend to be hungrier when seeing these colours. Meanwhile, relaxing spaces use green, which tends to make people feel calmer. Since colours evoke different moods, they’re often associated with various industries, which is something you’ll need to consider when choosing colours for your business.

Occupations that require serious concentration, like engineering and health sciences, work best with neutral colour schemes. They’re unobtrusive, allowing them to focus on their tasks. Meanwhile, spaces that emphasize collaboration will benefit from blue colour schemes, which calms the mind while promoting communication. Think about the nature of your industry and choose the colour that best represents it. You can even ask commercial painting contractors about the different paint jobs they’ve done for other sectors to have more insight into the perfect colours to use.


Thinking about the right colours to use for your business can be tricky, but it should be much less intimidating with these four tips. By keeping these in mind, you’ll have a better idea of the colours that work best for your business. You can also work with painting companies in Edmonton to find the shade that complements your company best!

iPaint Painting offers professional interior and exterior painting services in Edmonton for both residential and commercial projects. Our local painting contractors can take care of any paint job for you, whether large or small. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you!

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5 Colorful Tips for Painting Ceilings and High Walls – Our Guide

Color matters more in your home than meets the eye. It’s an aesthetic feature that can set the space’s tone – from the mood and even how spacious the room feels. Homeowners looking to give their property a fresh upgrade without going through hoops for a full remodeling project can transform the look and feel with just a new paint job. 

If you plan on taking up the paintbrush yourself, keep in mind that giving your home a new color is not as straightforward as it seems. Painting ceilings and high walls, for example, can be tricky to get right, so consider the following tips if you want to simplify the experience: 

Tip #1: Remove Clutter and Prep the Room

Before anything else, the first thing you need to do is ensure the room is a blank canvas by removing unnecessary clutter and covering up the furnishing, floors, and other surfaces that you don’t want to get paint on. 

Removing paint droplets from tables, chairs, flooring, and rugs can be a major hassle, so taking the time to protect the room from potential spills and splatters should get you started in the right direction. 

Tip #2: Use the Appropriate Tools and Equipment

Painting high walls and ceilings require more than a paintbrush, so be sure to invest in the right tools that can get the job done. On top of having a long-handled roller, you may also need a ladder to reach tall heights and awkward corners. 

If the room is large with ceilings higher than your standard size, you may need scaffolding, which can be tricky to acquire on your own. In this case, it’s better to let professional home painters take over the weekend project. 

Tip #3: Consider the Right Paint for High Ceilings

In addition to choosing the right tools and specialized equipment, painting ceilings will also require different paint than walls. There are specific formulas for ceilings since it can look darker than intended, so consider what type of paint you want by focusing on its impact on the room. 

For example, matte ceiling paint is a perennial favorite since it offers higher reflection, which can make the room look brighter. 

The Bottom Line: Enhancing your Home Decor with the Right Paint Job

Painting high walls and ceilings is a complex job that is often better done under professional home painters’ hands. Colorful walls or ceilings can make a dramatic difference in your home’s overall appearance and mood, so don’t take its quality for granted. 

Expert painters can take the hassle out of the process, allowing you to go for an affordable fix-me-upper that can boost your home’s value. 

Why Choose Our Home Painters for your Home Makeover?

If you’re looking to give your space a luxurious upgrade for less, we’re the best painting company in Edmonton that can get the job done. We offer exterior and interior painting, so get in touch with us at (587) 805-0102 and see what we can do to enhance your space.

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5 Differences Between Residential and Commercial Painting

Edmonton is a beautiful place to live in, and many areas are starting to become more populated by younger generations. With a city that is booming with new residents who have chosen life in a simpler location over busier districts, establishments have to fill the growth needs. With residential and commercial painting, any previously dull and lifeless space can be turned into something chic and upbeat.

Aesthetics is the game of today’s world, and many people have reached out to exterior painters in Edmonton to breathe life into the local scene. With vibrant colours and various tones and tints playing into what makes a home or establishment beautiful, it is essential to pay attention to their differences. Here is a list of things that Edmonton painting services provide differently for each kind of structure at hand:

– It Boils Down to Size

Residential projects are often less demanding than commercial painting projects, as homes are very rarely complicated. Edmonton is an area with prominent homeownership, which means that various houses are being built. A residential property typically requires walls, trims, decks, and fences to be painted, while commercial properties will need more work done to meet the sizes of establishments.

– Various Elements Involved

Residential painting jobs can often involve plenty of small interior design work, such as kitchen cabinet refinishing and other interior painting jobs. They also work on rooms and other spaces inside the house that need professional painters to make things look top-quality.

Commercial painting services will often have various jobs done asides from the exterior of a building. They might require painting for parking spaces and different priming work to ensure that the many materials used in commercial establishments will have a quality finish when completed. Other services can even include epoxy coatings to ensure longevity or crazy painting jobs to align with the business’s mission and vision.

– Equipment Varies

Home painters in Edmonton can do their jobs quickly for homes that are two floors, as they can accomplish these with ladders and long brushes. Most common building materials used in Canada have good adherence with paints, making using all kinds of all-weather products a possibility. Commercial painters in Edmonton might require cranes and other safety harnesses to paint large facades and taller areas of the building. Additionally, they might require different tools to make surfaces ready to take on paints and other extra coats to ensure that no painting jobs need to be followed up too often.

– Project Management Changes

In residential areas, painting a house is much easier because of the size of modern homes. These can be done quicker and with a smaller team of professional painters with much safer conditions. However, things change when it comes to project management for commercial establishments, as the equipment, logistics, timeframe, and other safety requirements change. More work is to be done for commercial painting, which means that it is naturally more complicated and will cost more.

– Risks Involved Can Be Greater

Residential properties do not require too many safety precautions, as painting a small home is easy and can even be done via DIY methods. However, painting a commercial establishment with higher structures can be dangerous and cause fatalities when things go wrong. Doing plenty of disaster risk prevention and proper planning can prevent damages and loss of life.


Painting a home and a commercial establishment are two whole different ball games. With these five differences painting a clear picture of what makes these challenging to do, having this aesthetic improvement job done isn’t cheap for a reason. Finding the right company to do professional painting will spell the difference between quality and a disaster.

iPaint Painting offers the services of professional painters in Edmonton, Alberta. We deal with both exterior and interior jobs for residential and commercial projects, and we do so with the best quality possible. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in your next project!

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