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Commercial Repainting—Why It’s Beneficial for Your Property

Anyone interested in buying a commercial building can look forward to making a sound investment. When you run a property, part of managing it is keeping it in good condition regularly so that you can benefit from maintaining its value for the years to come.

Every time you do your job to handle the upkeep of your property, you can expect your tenants and renters to continue doing business with you because they’re satisfied and happy. When you focus on providing proper maintenance, your efforts will not go unnoticed because they will give an excellent impression to your customers and visitors!

A simple and affordable way to add more value to your establishment is by applying commercial painting to its interior and exterior. As a result, your property continues to attract positive energy and even more prospects.

Keep reading below to find out reasons painting your commercial building adds more value to your business.

Repainting Boosts Your Return on Investment

Whether you’re planning to sell your commercial property in the market soon or not, repainting it can work to boost its appearance. That way, you can attract interested buyers, and you won’t find them complaining because they can see how well you’re taking care of your building!

It’s best to hire an interior and exterior painter near you to take over and apply a fresh coat of paint to your commercial building to upgrade it and make it look good as new. When you rely on a professional, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands because they have the right skills and expertise to take on the task.

Repainting Attracts Old and New Tenants

A property with an aesthetic exterior has the power to lure potential tenants to take a look at your available spaces and consider renting them. Since you made an effort to highlight your office’s painting, there’s no doubt about the appeal it holds to interested clients.

When you constantly bring in more renters, the more chances of keeping a stable revenue. Besides focusing on potential tenants, your current ones will remain happy under your care as well! Hiring professional painters to take care of your building will prove to your renters that you take your managerial duties seriously and want to continue meeting their needs.

As a rule of thumb, a commercial building usually requires a new paint job every five years so that you can guarantee to continue maintaining it as time goes by. But it will ultimately depend on the kind of business you have. If you’re running a warehouse, for example, then you may need to repaint it more frequently than an office space.

Repainting Improves Your Foot Traffic

Don’t forget that how your commercial building looks will reflect your company and your management capabilities. If you want to leave a good impression on your visitors and customers, you should strive to reach out to the right painting services.

After all, people are more drawn to establishments that are obviously well-maintained and managed more often than properties that seem run-down. Not only are you enhancing your commercial property, but you’re also boosting the reputation of your community.


Repainting your commercial establishment is a valuable solution because it improves your ROI, attracts old and new tenants, and ultimately increases your foot traffic. When you rely on local painting contractors to oversee your project, they will ensure to pick the right colours to make the interior and exterior of your property look appealing, clean, and visually pleasing.

Are you looking for painting contractors near you to handle your commercial property? iPaint Painting delivers professional interior and exterior painting services for both residential and commercial repainting projects. Get in touch with us today to request a free estimate!

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Reasons to Have Your Commercial Building Repainted

When people are ready for a change, they usually get a haircut, have their nails done, or have some image-altering change done to upgrade their appearance. The same is true for commercial buildings. While these are structures that are not physically alive, it is also possible to change the way they look and the image you want them to convey by changing their overall look and appearance.

One great way to enhance the overall look of your commercial building is to have it painted. A new paint job can do wonders for your business. It can create a newfound interest in your brand and easily catch the eye of your target audience.

Reasons to Have Your Commercial Building Repainted

1) To Refresh Your Brand

If you want to rebrand, a fresh coat of paint on your commercial building will do the trick. Part of a rebranding strategy is to change colours. This will include your logo, brand identity, and of course, the building that is home to your brand. A new coat of paint on the building will be like a fresh set of clothes that your brand can now proudly wear. 

2) To Match the Colors With Current Activities

There are certain colours that have special meanings. If your brand is wanting to become recognized for offering a different type of product or service, changing the brand colour, or updating it to incorporate the change is the right way to signal to customers that you have grown as a company.

3) To Improve the Overall Look of the Building

Sometimes, having the building painted may be just what the building needed to look new again. They say that to be successful, you have to look the part. The same goes for your building and office space, if your commercial highrise looks drab and dreary, what will it tell your customers?

4) To Protect the Property

Having a fresh coat of paint will be a great way to prevent any paint damage from creeping in and destroying the whole look of the building. Having professionals come in periodically to paint the building will ensure that it will be kept looking great for longer.

5) To Get Rid of Paint Damage

However, if there is already some level of paint damage, having the building painted will also get rid of it. It will help bring back the fresh and new look to the paint job and to the building as a whole. 


There are many different reasons why you may want to consider having your building repainted. All of them represent a positive change and will benefit your company in the long run. The key to having the paint job done right is to find a skilled building painting contractor to get the job done for you. They will also be able to give you tangible advice about the colour scheme you may want to go with. They are experts in this field and will be glad to offer their insight as to the deeper meaning of colours and how they can help promote what your brand represents.

Whether you are looking for a painting team to help you get rid of paint damage, or if you just want a fresher look for your commercial building, you can never go wrong with iPaint Painting. We offer professional interior and exterior painting services for both residential and commercial projects and painting services in Edmonton. We are quality painting contractors who provide interior and exterior house painting services. Contact us and get a quote today!

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Give Your Commercial Building An Attractive Look With Professional Painting Services

Commercial building painting providers will present you with professional painters. A professional painter gives an easy solution with an excellent finish.

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The know-how of Commercial Painting

Commercial painting differs from its residential counterpart in a variety of ways. When hiring an ad painting contractor, one of the foremost important components to consider experience- both within the overall and technical sense.

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Tips to Select The Best Commercial Contractors in Edmonton

Commercial painting contractors are those liable for giving a gorgeous look to your buildings, including schools and apartments. They’re known for the painting process right from planning and modeling to the final delivery. The work that commercial contractors of Edmonton do is tough and requires perfectionism. One has to consider various aspects while going ahead to hire a commercial contractor. Careful consideration needs to be made as the painting work essentially costs a good amount. 

Elements to Consider When Hiring Commercial Contractors:-
Reliability:- A reliable contractor can only provide you with trustworthy and reliable services. Do not forget to consider these elements when going ahead with selecting a contractor for your work.

2. Safety – A contractor and his workers have access to your premises – your people and your belongings. Therefore, it is extremely significant that you do not miss on considering this aspect while going ahead with hiring the contractor.

3. Creditworthiness – You need to invest a sufficient amount in the painting, therefore, ensure that the contractor is creditworthy and can be trusted.

4. Professionalism – Professional on-time delivery is the need of the hour. Ensure that you only hire professional service providers who have the best and suitable in-house workforce. 

5. Reputation – The reputation of a firm you select for your work is of great importance. Therefore, do a proper assessment of a firm’s market reputation and brand name before selecting it for your work. 

We bring to you a complete guide on selecting the best commercial contractors Edmonton.

Expertise – You want to hire a contractor who can showcase his list of experiences to his customers. Once you check out their expertise and you’ll see what services they offer, you’ll determine if they’re capable of doing the varsity you would like. There are definitely several contractors who only do some kind of work. You would like to take care and see if the contractor you hire and his team is capable of doing all kinds of projects.

Financial Records – Most contractors usually aren’t ready to buy materials, pay subcontractors, and obtain everything needed so as to end off your project. Check their financial records to seek out out about this single aspect, and you’ll make certain that you simply are getting to achieve the top with getting a knowledgeable set of contractors.

Ease of Communication – It is vital that you simply have good communication with the contractor you have hired. Sometimes they’re going to attempt to convince you to try this or thereto. They ought to be encouraging, easy to speak, and straightforward to receive feedback.

You must go ahead with the contracting firm that has the experience and a robust team with enough people to create what you would like. It’s important to connect with someone who works with you for giving shape to your ideas and vision and understands what you would like. 

A commercial contractor is significant to hire, but you would like to be very careful when choosing one. Choosing takes time, so make certain to take care when deciding who to hire.

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A Few Important Facts To Consider About Commercial Contractors

Keeping rapidity with the modernization and globalization, the requirement of commercial contractors is growing bit by bit. A big number of individuals are very much interested in appointing commercial contractors for the effective execution of their projects. They wish to get it completed in the administration of specialist and knowledgeable commercial contractors to provide their structures more power and strength to struggle against different weather assails such as rain, storm, hailstorm, earthquake, and snowfall. The propensity of getting normal contractors is growing slowly. In their supervision, you are definite to get the most current construction that may keep you out of the crowd. They may make a diverse identity for you by offering you with cutting-edge services at the very competitive charges.

There are a few significant facts to elucidate successfully why individuals search for commercial contractors:

Effective Province Knowledge

Their participation in each construction-associated matter has assisted them to attain sound knowledge to create a project much successful. They possess a very good investigative authority to assess all essential things and direct you virtuously.

Very Good Administration Capability

They attain a very good administration capability in the path of time. It grows within them involuntarily with their active participation and implementation of different commercial plans. Thus, they become highly capable of tactical planning. They may analyze your project charge ideally and offer you some fundamental rules and recommendations for making your project flourishing. They make an outline of the project with each essential activity needed at its different phases such as planning, arranging, leading, staffing, managing and executing.

Highly Capable and Knowledgeable in This Niche

Since they are performing a similar job and doing similar activities repeatedly for their different clients after the years, commercial contractors become highly capable and knowledgeable in this niche. Finally, it becomes their niche of occupation. That is why it is somewhat normal that the best verdicts would come from them. This is one of the significant reasons for inspiring individuals to appoint trustworthy commercial contractors.

Powerful Association with Vendors, Realtors, and Suppliers

An extensive dealing with vendors, realtors, and suppliers for fulfilling their customers’ requirements assists commercial contractors to create a very good relationship with them. This assists any specific client who receives some appended benefits. The client may get an inference by employing the suggestions of his commercial contractor.

Methodical Knowledge

There are some extremely educated builders for giving a recommendation on the structure and planning of a building. They may offer you a plan that is methodically correct. A proper accomplishment of this plan would assist the building struggle effectively with different weather attacks. A well-planned arrangement assures the sturdiness of a house.

Commercial Contractors Edmonton has sound niche knowledge since they are in this occupation for an extended period of time. Also, you may check with them for purchasing buildings, workplaces and different property associated problems in the Edmonton area.

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Difference Between Commercial Contractors and Residential Contractors

Wide-ranging contractors, even if they put efforts on residential or commercial properties, are accountable for administering construction projects from beginning to end. These can include novel construction or renewal projects, but both the way your contractor would look after all construction needs from primary planning phases to the concluding information of the project. Normally speaking, there are two kinds of the all-purpose contractor: residential and commercial. In the easiest terms feasible, the key distinction among these kinds of contractors is that they put efforts on residential or commercial projects correspondingly. Still, when evaluating commercial as well as residential contractors, there are some more particular distinctions among these experts. Let us have some time now to assess the finer differences between residential and commercial contractors.

Commercial Contractors

Whereas working on commercial building projects like roads, schools, office premises or shopping centers, these contractors are accountable for setting up, scheduling, appointing expert sub-contractors, and administering a project from starting to end. This work needs particular abilities, construction processes, and substances so your commercial outworker requires having detailed knowledge. Normally, commercial contractors would communicate with their customers, developers, tradespeople, and municipalities to make the job completed on time and on budget. The dimension and scope of commercial developments also put into the distinctions amid commercial and residential outworkers. Whereas both kinds of contractors would administer workers of carpenters, excavators, electricians, painters and different experts, the range of commercial projects can create them more demanding.

Residential Contractors

As you may anticipate, residential outworkers are accountable for administering home remodeling or novel construction plans. They are a type of home development professional with knowledge administering all features of a home construction involving architecture, drawing, planning, and conclusion. Similar to a commercial outworker, residential outworkers must communicate with different experts involving electricians, framers, drywallers, plumbers, and more. One of the unique challenges faced by residential outworkers in the ever-modifying anticipations of the home possessor. Not like commercial contractors, whose work is more firmly described from the starting of a project, home possessors frequently have an indefinable apparition of their prospective home. Since the project evolves, home possessors can demand modifications to their innovative plan, so residential outworkers have to be prepared to address changing needs all through the duration of a project. As residential plans have a tendency to be on a less significant scale than commercial plans, they frequently require being more helpful to aspect.

Eventually, residential and commercial contractors offer the same services. Some of the distinctions amid commercial and residential structures are noticeable. Residential plans tend to be restricted to homes, condos, apartments, or townhomes creating the scope of work more alerted. Commercial contractors can offer know-how for a broad variety of big projects from schools and government institutes to restaurants and malls. Whereas a commercial contractor’s job is not essentially more intricate, each kind of contractor brings unique abilities to your building plan.

For more details on residential and commercial contractors Edmonton, please visit I Paint Painting.

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How Commercial Painting Contractors Are Important For The Success Of A Business?

In commercial or profitable facilities, financial activities take place each day. Artifacts and services are produced and sold, bringing in business to benefit with realizations. A part of this group that helps facility upholding is commercial painting contractors or outworkers.

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Significant Benefits of Appointing Commercial Painting Contractors Edmonton

Finding out a painter, particularly the one who is able to understand and fulfill your needs, is one of the complicated tasks you do when we talk about the restoration of your home. You search, you negotiate and then you choose. On the other hand, in the end, disagreement wins through due to the time [...]

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Prepping wood surfaces for painting

The wooden surface needs to be maintained on time for painting. The wooden fence post extenders render the best of solution regarding painting works for commercial and residential areas.

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