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We can accommodate both large and small painting projects. We’ve even got an affordable program for small jobs like hallways, closets and bathrooms. You’ll love our work. We’re easy to work with too. Whether you’re looking for your home to be painted or a commercial property painted our company, iPaint Painting, will get the job done quickly with as little impact on your daily routine as possible.
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Cabinet Painting Services

Ever wanted to give your cabinets a darker, richer look without stripping them?

Our painters at iPaint Painting can completely alter the look of your stained cabinets from a light oak or a pickled look, to a darker, richer stained look. At iPaint we can give you the look of mahogany or walnut without having to strip your cabinets.

Essential steps prior to painting cabinets

Prior to refinishing cabinets, our local Edmonton painters take a few preparatory steps. First, the handles are removed (depending on the project).

Next, the cabinet surfaces are cleaned to remove any oils or any other contaminants commonly found in the kitchen area. The door hardware is carefully removed or taped off to ensure a clean paint job. The refinishing process can now begin.

The # 1 missed preparation step by painters is what is called a prime coat. We use a special primer used to seal and prep the cabinets for a long lasting, durable top coat of premium paint.

Call iPaint Painting if you have any of the following goals for your Cabinet Painting Project:

  • A darker, richer look for your old cabinets without stripping.
  • An expensive glazed look by painting and glazing your varnished cabinets.
  • Give your old woodwork a fresh look.
  • Save thousands over the cost of new cabinets or stripping old finish.
  • A fresh modern look to an outdated kitchen area.
  • Give brand new cabinets a new protective coating.