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A Simple Guide to Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets at Home

admin April 10, 2021 0 Comments

If you feel like your home kitchen seems a little drab, a makeover might be long overdue. The kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice to start with as they’re among the most prominent things in that room. Plus, the stain on them might be getting fading off already

If you’re planning to convert your kitchen from varnish/stain to paint, here’s what you can expect when painting your kitchen’s cabinets.

Picking the Right Paint and Color

Paint is meant to help add colour, so you must decide what colour you want to paint the cabinets or restrain them again. Ask your nieces and nephews about what colour they think would go well in your kitchen, or you can always search for inspiration on sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Dark bold hues are tempting, or you can go for a light off-white that will go well with anything.

Just remember to get the correct color of paint. Obviously, you can’t use just any kind of paint. A trip to the Home Depot hardware store and a short discussion will land you some cabinet paint that’s specifically catered to your need.

Preparing the Kitchen Cabinets

This step will need some brute strength, but the cabinets have to be removed and brought to a single place. It’s recommended to get them outside, but in case of bad weather, bring them to a cloth-covered open space. Remember to leave the food and drinks in the kitchen.

At this stage, you can clean up the kitchen area a bit, as well as the cabinet itself. Use a degreaser, wipe them clean and sand them down. Once the dust settles and your cabinet is looking smooth with its new clean slate, a coat of cabinets specialty ponding primer is added.

Going Through the Painting Process

After all that prep time, it’s finally time to get into the painting. With a wide brush and a roller, paint the cabinet’s interior and exterior surface. Get the paint around the corners and crevices with an angled paintbrush, and no spot should be left unpainted.

After the first coat, let it fully dry before adding a second coat to make the colour more opaque and prevent streaking. Remember to leave the windows open if you’re working inside to avoid any possible paint fumes as well!

Reorganizing and Customizing

After waiting for all the paint coats to dry to the touch, it’s time to seal the deal and reinstall it. You can personalize the cabinet’s look at this stage with some fancy handles in chrome or stainless steel finishes.

This may warrant a whole lot more technicalities, but you can rely on experts to attach the additional hardware design and re-install the cabinet. Those extra accents on your cabinets can boost the aesthetic of your kitchen and are just well worth the effort.


It takes baby steps to get your dream kitchen, but painting the cabinets can help revitalize that room of your home. Whether you decide to go colourful or modern, we’re sure it’ll get you excited to cook in the kitchen again. While homeowners are more than welcome to try a DIY painting session, it can be laborious, and it’s easy to end up with something that you don’t really like. Calling up a professional can save you a lot of time and money, and you end up with something you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

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