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A Few Tips For Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

admin July 23, 2019 0 Comments

Modifying the appearance of your kitchen does not essentially require bigger modifications like changing old kitchen cabinets, appliances and accessories with novel ones. By accomplishing small things such as repainting kitchen cabinets, you may enjoy a big modification in your kitchen. To paint kitchen cabinets without any problem, here are a few steps you require the following:

1. Take Out All Cabinet Doors

The initial step you require doing is to take out all the cabinet doors. It would be much difficult to set up and paint them with the doors still linked. Take out the handles of knobs too. Grab all the screws and fix them sideways thus you would not possess difficulties when re-attaching them afterward.

2. Clean Up The Cabinet Portions

Old cabinets would most possibly have an upsurge of grease, dirt, food residues and different residues. Cleaning them methodically is very significant as the paint would not stick correctly to these things. Clean all portions with a tease dipped in a general cleaner and rub or rub bolshie, dried grease marks with a Scotchbrite pad. Let them dry thoroughly later.

3. Sand The Cabinet Portions

After all the portions are dry, employ a 150-grit or advanced grit sandpaper and sand all of the exteriors, involving the cabinet doors and drawer packs. Sanding the exterior would let the primer fix better, thus coming out in more hard-wearing paintwork.

4. Put On The Primer

A primer assists the paint to stick effectively to the exterior. If the paint you would akin to repaint the cabinets goes with the previous color, this step may be left. Stern dents may be packed with putty. Though, if you wish to obscure any blemishes or imperfections, putting on primer is essential.

5. Put On The Paint

Later than the primer is dried out, initiate painting the cabinets through a pneumatic aerosol or a brush. An aerosol would offer you a silky finish, but if you do not possess one at home, and you don’t wish to lease one, you can choose 2.5″ to 3″ paintbrush. When putting on the paint with the brush, begin with a very thin cover. Employ paint thinner if the paint appears too wide. After the initial layer gets dried, do again with a second coating and a lot more. Painting kitchen cabinets coating via layer would come out in a more hard-wearing painting work evaluated to an all-at-once wide coat.

6. Append Glazing or Cover

It is an elective step. For glossy appearing cabinets, sand the recently painted cabinets with 400-grit superior sandpaper and put on the cover or glaze. The sanding is not targeted at taking out excessive paint. As an alternative, it is accomplished thus the cover or color glaze stays better to the cover.

7. Re-fix The Doors

Subsequent to the painting steps are completed and every item is methodically dry, recollect all the cabinet doors to their appropriate places employing the unique hardware.

So, now, your kitchen alteration is completely done.

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